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scene practice #5: "scroll your life away"#cinema4d

— Shiva Kilaru (@ShivaKilaru) December 11, 2017

weekend project: animations for a sketch about wearable tech (ft. @bb_fresh)

— Shiva Kilaru (@ShivaKilaru) November 6, 2017

scene practice #4: "date night"#cinema4d

— Shiva Kilaru (@ShivaKilaru) October 30, 2017

scene practice #3: "dying of thirst" #cinema4d

— Shiva Kilaru (@ShivaKilaru) October 6, 2017

me: imma make a gif about continuous partial attention, or something

me, a few hrs later: well... it's "something"

— Shiva Kilaru (@ShivaKilaru) September 19, 2017